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Tooth Fracture

Tooth fracture is usually the result of some sort of untreated dental issue that weakens the teeth and results in a fracture. For example, if you have a cracked tooth, it may eventually fracture as the result of repeated stress. This is part of the reason why it’s so important to seek dental care sooner rather than later. In these cases, you may notice the fracture when a piece of your tooth randomly comes loose in your mouth.

You should get dental care as soon as possible when you fracture a tooth, especially if you’ve sustained damage to other teeth or other parts of your mouth, especially the gums and tongue.

Smile Correction

It involves a comprehensive assessment of your smile aesthetics in order to improve its overall appearance. Typically, one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as dental veneers, dental implants, gingival sculpting and teeth whitening, will be required for several teeth in both the upper and lower arches in order to achieve the look you want.

Tooth Jewellery

It is a brilliant way to add sparkles to your smile and stand out in a crowd. There is no drilling involved in this technique and your teeth are not harmed. Having a crystal glass design or a twinkle of diamond on your teeth is the latest fad.